Plein began his career designing furniture for family and friends. When his designs drew attention from the interior design industry he founded his own company; Philipp Plein. He began making bags and accessories out of leftover exotic fabrics, which he sold alongside his furniture. Following success, his fashion brand was born a year later. Today Plein now has boutiques worldwide and is enjoying a phenomenal success. Part of his success is down to the fact that Plein understands his consumer - “I’m not designing for the fashion industry. I’m designing for my clients”


Not one for blending in, Pleins runway shows are a spectacle, monster trucks, robots, Jet skis, and of course he provided a fully functioning rollercoaster as a centrepiece for his A/W15 runway show.


Plein's first collections were vintage military jackets which he embroidered with Swarovski skulls. This iconic skull print remains a permanent feature within his new designs, combining young, rock and roll style with impeccable quality.


Our current collection of Philipp Plein features monochrome streetwear essentials heavily embellished with statement diamantes and bold motifs. You’ll find daring and decadent details paired with slick metallic accents and graphic prints.  Relaxed, off-duty style is made easy with athletic-inspired silhouettes and provocative designs - ideal for the urban dresser.

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